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Our doctors at Mobility Chiro Therapy provide expert musculoskeletal care by combining the most innovative recovery tools and traditional approaches. The combination of soft tissue or joint mobilization, functional corrective strategies, and our recovery tools create a one of a kind recovery center capable of treating many different conditions. 


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5202 Shadowbend Place, Suite 103
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Active Release Technique
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization


Functional Dry Needling


Fascial Distortion Model
Selective Functional Movement Assessment/ Functional Movement Systems

Cryotherapy In The Woodlands

Mobility Chiro Therapy is pleased to offer you whole body cryotherapy at our office in The Woodlands, Texas. Treatments in our cryosauna uses nitrogen, a safe and naturally occurring gas, to quickly lower your body’s core temperature.

During just two or three minutes, the cold stimulates your body’s organ regulatory functions and increases your energy, helps cells rejuvenate, boosts your immune system, and promotes overall self-healing. People often experience a sense of well-being because of endorphins released by cryotherapy too.

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Mobility Chiro Therapy was established as a sports medicine practice to better serve our patients in The Woodlands, TX by providing diagnosis and treatment of basic sports injuries.

Our goal is to get athletes back to their training and competition as soon as possible by accurately diagnosing and treating injuries. 

Mobility Chiro Therapy is a multidisciplinary clinic with two Chiropractors and a Physical Therapist. We work together to offer our patients the most advanced physical medicine treatments. Our goal is to conservatively manage and treat sports injuries, eliminate pain, and treat the most likely functional cause of pain or injury.

Mobility Chiro Therapy

5202 Shadowbend Place, Suite 103
The Woodlands, TX 77381


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