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Mobility Chiro Therapy provides expert musculoskeletal care by combining the most innovative recovery tools and traditional approaches. The combination of soft tissue mobilization, functional corrective strategies and our recovery tools create a one of a kind recovery center capable of treating many different conditions. 


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Active Release Technique
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Cryotherapy In The Woodlands

Mobility Chiro Therapy is pleased to offer you whole body cryotherapy at our office in The Woodlands, Texas. Treatments in our cryosauna uses nitrogen, a safe and naturally occurring gas, to quickly lower your body’s core temperature.

During just two or three minutes, the cold stimulates your body’s organ regulatory functions and increases your energy, helps cells rejuvenate, boosts your immune system, and promotes overall self-healing. People often experience a sense of well-being because of endorphins released by cryotherapy too.

Click here to read more about Cryotherapy at our office, or click the button below to schedule your appointment today!

What our Patients are Saying...

If you want to stay at the top of your game, Clayton is the man to see. He has helped me get through a sprained knee, lower back pain/pinched nerves, and all the other aches and pains. My recovery was massively accelerated and he got me back to 100%.

Scott L

Dr. Hall is a master at aiding sports injuries and addressing physical wear and tear. Prior to becoming a patient of Dr. Hall, I had never received this high quality of chiropractic care. He is incredibly thoughtful, meticulous and has a lot of physical strength - all necessary qualities to be effective. I cannot say enough about my doctor - he has saved my life more than once! See Dr. Hall!

Rachel S

Dr. Hall has been by far one the best doctors I have had the pleasure of working with ever. Throughout many years of hard training for sports and with weights I never felt as consistently "well" as I have since I started working with him. He has not only been my chiropractor, but he has been my friend. He is efficient, knowledgeable and always willing to take the time needed to help to diagnose an issue and put together a plan to help me heal. I cannot thank him enough and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

Jeremy P

Dallas lost a great one when Clayton moved to Houston. He is an amazing doctor, listens to what is bother his athletes and has always cured the issues. As a 2x master world champion in weightlifting, my body just doesn't recover how it used to. With Clayton I was able to stay fully functional and pain free. As a coach I sent all of my athletes to him knowing they would be taken care of. Any time I am Houston I will be sure to see him.

Melissa K

Mobility Sports Medicine was established as a sports medicine practice to better serve our patients by providing diagnosis and treatment of basic sports injuries.

Our goal is accurate diagnosis and aggressive management of basic injuries, getting our athletes back to their training as soon as possible. 

With Dr. Kerman we will be able to provide treatment options including:

  • Joint injections
  • Trigger Point Injections
  • Prolotherapy
  • Vitamin IV Hydration

Mobility Chiro Therapy

25420 Kuykendahl Rd D500
The Woodlands, TX 77375


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